NFT of the Day — NFTDownUnder

This unique Australian project is minting today and could be a great one to get in on early, since the Aussie metaverse will no doubt become prime real estate in the future.

There’s a bit happening here so let me break it down:

NFTDownUnder is a collection of 1000 photos that have been taken across New South Wales. The photos have then been processed through artificial intelligence algorithms. Each resulting image unlocks a parcel of land in an Australian metaverse (that is mapped to real world locations) which can then be traded or modified.

This wicked project aims to be the first NFT project to reflect the interplay between the real and the digital worlds — in the same way the Australian landscape reflects the interplay between ancient and modern worlds. Using AI algorithms to reinterperate Australia’s unique flora and fauna, the collection is a first step into an Aussie metaverse; each one of the images is a key that unlocks a plot of land in the DownUnderNFT metaverse. Every NFT holder gets access to their own exclusive plot of metaverse land. which they can then trade, customise and develop. The metadata includes info about the size and location of the land.

Finally, you can buy some Sydney real estate and start that microbrewery you’re always on about.

You should check out the Digital Australian Metaverse they’ve created here:

The first collection consists of NSW and is dropping TODAY — get amongst it here:

The project has also dedicated the state of Tasmania to partner projects on the Solana blockchain so I’ll be looking forward to seeing some great NFTs wandering around in the bush behind my house while I chuck an (augmented reality) prawn on my (metaverse-mapped, low-rarity) Weber.

This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. I just like pictures. Make sure to follow me if you like picture too x



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